World Cup Magnetic Sweepstake

A few weeks ago I was asked by one of my customers to create a magnetic World Cup sweepstake board and a Top Gear style leader board. They wanted to be able to use them at future events, so I came up with a way to keep the board generic, a new branded header magnet can be added each time, and new team magnets printed.

The 32 teams have a magnet each, showing their name and flag, printed on dry wipe material, so the sponsors name and company can be written on. If they progress to the next stage the magnet is moved to the next box.

The leaderboard is also generic, so can be used for any competitions in the future, just like on top gear it has magnetic drywipe strips which can be moved up or down the leaderboard.

I really love challenges like this, they usually turn out to be such fun to work on. The board had its’ first outing at the B2B exhibition recently, and was a hit with everyone who took part, it will feature on Credos’ social media once the World cup starts to follow all the stages until the winner is crowned.