Meet The Owner

It’s time to learn a bit more about me! My name is Michele, and I own and run PX2. I’m 40 something, and as well as being a designer (which I AWLAYS wanted to do form being around 13), I have some other passions that I LOVE.

My 2 dogs mean the absolute world to me, Jack and Bella whippet spend all day “helping” me in the office. Mainly by sleeping.My number 1 hobby is skiing, I feel so free when I doing it. The scenery is amazing, but even at the dry slope in Norwich (yes we have a hill!) I’m in my happy place.

My other big love in life (other than my husband of course) is Motorsports. Formula 1 was my first love, I used to watch with my dad when I still lived at home, but I was introduced to F2 and now F4 by my work for local company Credo Capital Finance who sponsor a Norfolk based race team Virtuosi Racing.

I was lucky enough to be invited along to see them in action during the Silverstone Grand Prix weekend in 2019. It was simply amazing.

More to follow about how I became a designer, but sometimes it’s good to see the real person behind the branding.