PX2 is back in business!

PX2 open for businessWelcome back, after a strange, turbulent and very worrying few months for everyone of us all over the world. PX2 is delighted to announce that we are back. Who could have predicted back in January that an as yet un-named virus would change the face of the whole world?

PX2 is a home run business, and as such we have no issues with social distancing, client meetings can be held over Zoom/Skype or even the phone, heck a carrier pigeon if need be, but the main thing is that we are back up and running.

We can offer a variety of materials for other businesses who are taking their tentative first steps too, be it roller banners with your company Covid Policy, PVC banners to tell the world you’re open, floor stickers to help customers keep their distance, infographics on best practice – whatever you need to make your customers feel safe – we can design for you.

Just drop us a line and we’d be happy to quote for your project.