A5 leaflet design for EMS Fitness

We have recently designed leaflets and banners for EMS Fitness. EMS already had a logo design and a strong colour scheme as well as some leaflets they’ve printed previously, so the new items whilst keeping the essence of existing leaflets take the design to the next level. We concentrated on benefits to the customer, having a strong introductory offer, and a great call to action.

PX2 design leaflet for EMS

Beatrice and Xavi at EMS have a great system to provide a full work-out in only 20 minutes using their Electrical Muscle Stimulation suits. They can target the workout for those who enjoy sports, particularly golfers, skiers and cyclists. They offer a free trial, so why not grab a friend or team mate and give it a go? We look forward to working on more branded materials and infographics for them very soon.